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Brownsville PUB asks for voluntary water conservation

The Brownsville Public Utilities Board is asking customers to conserve water as summer approaches. The board implements Stage 1 voluntary water restrictions every May 1 as the weather shifts during hotter, dryer months.

BPUB spokesman Ryan Greenfeld said customers are accustomed to keeping an eye on their water use around this time of year, and the annual reminder about water conservation has “always had a great response.”

“That’s a testament not only to the infrastructure we have here, but to customers who curtail their own use and prioritize conservation,” he said.

Greenfeld said residents can help by:

>> shifting to a twice-weekly lawn watering schedule

>> adjusting lawn watering times to either 7 p.m. to midnight or midnight to 7 a.m.

>> using hand-held or soaker watering hoses rather than sprinklers, and

>> avoiding nonessential use like washing paved areas and hard surfaces unless there’s a hazard.